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Ensure rich & consistent data with LinkedIn Ads UTM automation

Automate your UTM tagging process to avoid human errors and save time.

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Prevent Errors

Say goodbye to human mistakes

One mistake or untagged ad can lead to 1000s of untrackable clicks.

Forgot to add UTM
Copy-paste mistakes
Turned on Untagged Ad
Wrong UTM naming
Data Consistency

Make sure all your ads are being tagged correctly

Save & set commonly used parameters to keep your data clean and power your analytics tools with more reliable data to base your strategies and optimizations.

Dynamic Values

Finally, dynamic values for LinkedIn Ads

Facebook has {{}}, so we created the same for LinkedIn. When setting your tagging rules, you can choose an AutoUTM dynamic value from our repository.

Tracking Template

Enforce UTM tagging rules across your team

Set custom rules to “lock” and enforce same UTM conventions to all users of the ad account. You can start with our best-practice rules, or even customize it to your own preferences using the AutoUTM dynamic values.

Save Time

Setup in minutes, automate forever

No need for technical experties, just plug and play.

One click to integrate as many ad accounts needed

Use our best-practice or customize your own template

Turn on automatic tagging to enjoy rich & consistent data

Minimize Risk

Tags only active ads

AutoUTM tags only turned on ads from your LinkedIn campaigns, minimizing the risk of ads being sent back to review.

Paid Ads Secret Sauce

Must-have in your marketing stack

Automate the entire process and track all clicks for the price of a few.

More data

Find growth opportunities

Base your marketing strategy on bigger and better data sets

Accurate attribution

Get credit for your campaigns

Make sure 100% of your generated traffic is being credited to you

Improved ROAS

Optimize for better results

More data means more confidence in your next optimization decision

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UTM Freedom is 3 steps ahead

Over 1,000,000 ads worldwide are being automated by AutoUTM

No developers, integrations or long IT projects required.

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Frequently asked questions

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Currently only LinkedIn Ads is support. More coming soon.

As long as it is in the same workspace, all connected ad accounts from the same platform will use the same tracking template you saved. 

In order to optimize your paid campaigns, you need to know how your ads did, revenue-wise. UTMs allow you to send information to your website with every click on your ads.

AutoUTM™ is a UTM tagging automation software for LinkedIn ads.

Our service automatically tags your untagged ads with a tracking template you choose.

AutoUTM™ prevents messy and inconsistent data by enforcing the same UTM rules for everyone using the connected ad account.

AutoUTM™ is not affiliated with LinkedIn and is an independent provider.

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